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Our People


It is indeed an honor and blessing to share the Word of God with the congregation at Faith Bible Church.  You can sense a thirst for hearing God’s Word each week.  The adult Bible study class is always a blessing to me as we study Scripture passages in depth.  It is a joy to serve this body of believers.

-Glen Webb, Interim Pastor

Steve Auker

- Financial Secretary

Jerry Sieber

- Treasurer

Ted Burchfield, Dick Burchfield, Bobby Sieber 

- Deacons

Sharon Getz

- Church Secretary

Why We Love Faith Bible...

I love serving the Lord at Faith Bible Church!  Being a part of the musical ministry team has been such a joy to me.  The Congregation is always so encouraging and appreciative for the planning and preparation that it takes in playing for the services.  As we sing and praise God together I feel blessed to be a part of this church.

-Nancy Webb

It is a small, friendly, missions-minded church.  The Bible is at the top of our studies-you can depend on prayer support from and for each other.  The fellowship is great.

-Elona Shirk

     The Lord led us to Faith Bible Church in 1996 as we were seeking a place to worship the Lord and ground our faith in Christ through study of the Word of God. Over the past twenty years, we have seen many changes and challenges in our church body. Through all of these changes and challenges, two things have remained constant - the preaching of the Word of God and a desire to reach others with the gospel of Christ. It is comforting and encouraging to share this bond with a body of believers.

-Roger and Jenny Winey

I first went into this church 10 years ago and was welcome.  Everyone is welcome.  They also are there when someone needs help. 

-Freda Bargo

I was a sophomore in high school when my family moved to Faith Bible. Thankfulness cannot begin to describe the role the people of this church have played with my walk with the Lord. The friendly faces, warm hugs, and sincere interest in my week/life will always set the people of this church apart. It is truly an extended family.

- Hannah Schilthuis 

We were not looking for a church when we first visited Faith Bible.  We were there for a special service.  As time went on, we found ourselves at Faith Bible on Sunday mornings more often.  The strong preaching of God’s Word is what inspired us to become members of Faith Bible.  We have been welcomed into the church family and have been made to feel right at home. 

-Jerry and Donna Sieber

In late Fall of 2004 my wife and I were looking for a new home church. We wanted a Bible believing, Bible teaching/preaching church with a strong missionary outreach both at home and abroad. For us, the answer was Faith Bible Church where we were welcomed with open friendly arms. Thirteen years have gone by and we have been blessed over and over by God’s leading us to Faith Bible Church.

-Bobby & Eva Sieber

In 2008, our family found a very welcoming and friendly congregation at Faith Bible.  The most impressive part for us was getting back to basics:  the Bible’s teaching, prayer, testimonies and praise time.  Both of our daughter’s appreciated the teaching they received during Sunday school and the help and the guidance they received for their lives through the Word of God.  We have to say that we have been overwhelmed by the love, interest, and support shown to our family by this body of believers.

- Jim and Tammy Ritzman

I thank the Lord that this church has always honored and revered God’s Word.  We know the answers to all life’s questions…the solutions to all of life’s problems…are found in the Bible.  We study it, so we can know His Will for our lives.  I am thankful for how God has used His Word to change my life and the lives of fellow believers!

- Amy Burchfield

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